Lighting on Courthouse Square and Flag & Flagpole Replacement

In 2019, Dave Peterson wanted to do something with the Court House because it was in disarray.  Dave went to the County Board and started on the Civil War Monuments after verifying with the Wisconsin Historical Society about the solution that could be used to clean the Civil War Monument.  With both approvals (County Board and Wisconsin Historical Society), he used D2 to clean the Cenotaphs and Center Monuments. That project took from 2019-2020, to complete.  

After Dave cleaned the Civil War Monument and 8 Cenotaphs, he placed a reference book of names, of fallen soldiers, in the front of Grant County Court House lobby.  

His second project was lighting the Civil War Monument and Blue Boy, with the help of the Grant County Historical Society as a mail address, Dave solicited the community and raised $5,000 and completed that project in 2022.  

Next Dave’s idea was to light the Nelson Dewey, Veterans Monument and replace Flag and Flag Pole, on the Grant County Court House. This step was accomplished with the assistance of Grant County Historical Society to put up the money initially and the help of Sonia Case to write the grant.

We would like to Thank Edge Electric (John Edge), through all the projects for electrifying the Court House.  We would also like to thank the Lancaster Community Fund and the Gillilan Family Community Fund for this grant.  The final phase of the project was completed September 29, 2023.