Grant County Place Names: H

Half Way Spot. A tavern located halfway between Arthur and Platteville on the Sherwin farm. It was probably called Sherwin Inn at the time, but old-timers refer to it as Half Way Spot.

Happy Corners. Families used to gather for evenings of dancing and visiting. After one particularly enjoyable evening Miss Barbara Richards suggested the name.

Hazel Green. The first miners came in 1825, and a fight between James Hardy and Moses Meeker for the possession of a mine gave the site the name Hardy’s Scrape, since Hardy was the winner. This degenerated into Hard Scrabble, which was the official name until 1838 when the post office was established, and it was thought the village should have a name more appropriate to its beautiful location. Captain Charles McCoy of the Black Hawk War suggested Hazel Green. Some people claimed he came from Hazel Green in Kentucky. It was also said that the
town site was originally covered with hazel bushes.

Hazelton. Formerly called Ora Oak, it was renamed after Congressman Hazelton. The post office was established in 1880 and closed in 1897.

Hope. ‘Because we live in hope; the way farmin’ is these days, a fellow’s got to,’ said one old-timer.

Hurricane. [Hurricane Corners] A bad storm destroyed many trees here.