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History & Deliverance by Dennis Wilson

Rattlesnakes George Shuster (1894-1977)
A Tour of Potosi and British Hollow Christmas Customs
Thanksgiving Past Sarah Elizabeth Green - What I Wish I Knew
Captain Farquharsons Letter Two Soldiers
John B Callis Alabama Congressman David Schreiner
All-Star Team of 1943 - They were heroes on the field, but were their lives heroic? Dillinger - He made an appearance in Grant county, and his lawyer was from Platteville.
Forehand Buiding Fire - A tragic fire puts Platteville in Mourning Mabel Judd - Mabel Judd was a suffragist from Grant County. Her efforts in both Wisconsin and Oregon to secure the vote for women were remarkable.
Mastodons - They lived in our area and humans hunted them. Mazzuchelli Religious Toleration - Father Mazzuchelli is a giant in this territory. His thoughts of separation of church and state are relevant to our time.
Lela Smith - She was a Grant County rural artist that died in 19771. She received much recognition throughout her life. This is a booklet she made explaining her methods. Mine Disasters - The mines of old Southwest Wisconsin were dangerous places, and accidents, even disasters occurred.
Minnie Richmond - A young african american woman take the word of God into the countryside What did Grant County get From the New Deal - The New Deal programs had a big impact in Southwest Wisconsin and Grant County in particular.
Emezzlement - A bank is ransacked and baseball goes away in Lancaster, Wisconsin Potosi Serial Killer - Robert Turner killed his brother with an axe, and that was too much. His murder spree was found out.
Remember Little Sammy Draper - He was a small man with a big heart. Witness of History - Martin Rindlaub Sr. lived a long and eventful life, but it was in seeing the Lincoln-Douglas debat in Freeport that he gave us an account for the ages.
Romulus and Lillie Richmond - These two were from Pleasant Ridge. They taught faith and carried it on to Iowa. Sealing the Fate of the Great White Plague - Do you remember the Christmas seal and what it was for?
Slavery in Grant County - Find out about slavery in Grant County. Smallpox in Grant County - Smallpox was found in Grant County into the late 1930s.
Spinning History - Mary Barbara Schauff, a rural Wisconsin woman kept a pioneer craft alive into the twentieth century Strongman of Lancaster - Doc Schade had an interesting life as a Vaudeville Strongman
Superstition - Halloween is fun if we don't take its base of superstition to extremes. The Lancaster Area Art Club - For over 70 years this club brought cultural enrichment to Grant County. Now they are gone.
The Life of a Smelter Man - Working in the lead mining reason was dangerous, even if you didn't go into the mine. The Pickett - A poem of the Civil War and the loss of one man
The Problem with History - Memory and exaggeration don't help The Soft Spot in B606 - A grade school child writes a Christmas sotry in 1904
The Story of Sgt. Lastam - A brave man's memorial lies in the dirt in Lancaster The Twisted Life of Charles Latimer - Charles Latimer was killed in a gunfight in Potosi -
or was he? 
War and Free Speech - A Grant County farmer goes to prison for cri Where is Red Bird Buried? -- Some day at Fort Crawford. Other say his people spirited his body away to a hilltop.
Lela Smith - Lela Smith, Grant county rural artist died in 1971. She received much recognition throughout her life. This is a booklet she made explaining her methods.  Judge Mills Visits Lincoln - A southern born judge backs Lincoln
Jimmy Dodge - Thane "Jimmy" Dodge pitched for semi-pro baseball teams for 25 years all over southern Wisconsin Roser - A Grant County sociallist goes to California and runs for Governor
H.C. Watton - Lancaster, moved on to greater fame Grant County Circus - A unique circus with many of the early starts started in Grant County
Ghost Towns Grant County Garbage and Street Cleaning in the 1890s - The old days may have been golden, but they weren't sanitary or clean!
From the College scrapbook of
Loraine Wilson
Finding Private Thomas Green
Does a Hobo Have Rights? - The courts decide whether the railroad can just toss a non-paying rider off when it means death Disaster and Deliverance - When your city hall burns down, what do you do?
Death Ship - What happens when an epidemic hits a navy ship? Civil War Soldiers Faith - Is it true that there are no atheists in the fox hole? Well, not many anyway!
Boothlegging in Old Grant - Grant County was a great place to make moonshine, but the sheriff was a stubborn man Bloody Civil War - The Civil War comes to Grant County
Bed Bug History Lawyer Piquette - Dillingers crooked lawyer, buried in Platteville
Armistice Day Storm - A terrible storm hits on Armistice day 1940 An Inevitable Future - Is the course of the next one hundred years inevitable?
A Muscoda Farmer Receives his Medal of Honor 40 Years Later - John Hayes, retired farmer and hero of a famous naval battle of the Civil War, finds ou he is due a Medal of Honor Alexander Willard - Alexander Hamilton Willard went with Lewis and Clark, fought indians, and settled down to farm in Wisconsin.
A letter from New Guinea - A soldier tells his sister things he doesn't want his parents to have to hear Albert Boomer of Platteville - Albert Bloomer of Platteville, Wisconsin was present when Sitting Bull was killed


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